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The fake Olympics redux

Several years back, I wrote a short piece for The China Beat (subsequently revised and published in the volume China in 2008) about all the accusations of fakery that were swirling around the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  … Continue reading

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Just fix the leaking taps

In my last post I suggested that we give two cheers for smog, since Beijing’s foul air may actually be compelling the government to implement more stringent emission controls than it had previously been willing to contemplate.  We could also … Continue reading

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Desalinating water in China

As you all know, northern China suffers from a shortage of freshwater.  While a big part of its solution to this problem has been to invest in ‘big development’ engineering projects like the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, it has also … Continue reading

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Water politics and China

Extending from today’s lecture on water in China and, in particular, the historical role that large-scale water projects have played in ‘building the state’ in China, water-related issues continue to lie at the heart of social and political developments in … Continue reading

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Drought in Guizhou

Drought is a common problem in north-central China, but is rare in the south and southwest part of the country.  China’s monsoon climate pattern more typically brings flooding to places like Guizhou.  But this summer southwest China has been suffering … Continue reading

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