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The Hong Kong protests and China’s unsettled territory

There has been no shortage of commentary and interpretation in the media about the recent and on-going protests in Hong Kong.  While there are many fascinating and important aspects of the situation being discussed – most prominently the questions of … Continue reading

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Dreaming of marriage and a ‘Fragrant Princess’ on the frontier

Xinjiang has been in the news a lot recently,  After a series of violent incidents earlier this year, attention has turned to the ways the Chinese government has been managing ethnic relations in the region, particularly between Uighur and Han.  … Continue reading

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The entrepreneurial state in China’s interior

Last week, the New York Times ran an article about how interior governments like Chongqing were wooing coastal industries by offering incentives such as lower wages, cheaper land, less strict environmental standards, and even providing moving expenses.  One of the … Continue reading

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China enters the veil fray

I have commented, in another context, on ‘L’Affair Foulard’ in France – the dust-up over the government’s attempt to symbolically enforce secularism by singling out Muslims and criminalizing the wearing of veils in public.  Now China has apparently  decided to … Continue reading

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The geographical distribution of Chinese surnames

Andrew Stokols has put together a series of Chinese surname maps.  As noted in this Atlantic post by Matt Schiavenza, about 87% of China’s population share 100 surnames, “and more than one in five Chinese citizens is surnamed Li, Wang, … Continue reading

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The left-behind countryside – another report from Guizhou

The Guardian recently ran a report from Guizhou by Tani Branigan, focusing on rural poverty and the growing development gap between urban and rural China.  The report focuses on 9 year-old Zhao Ai, who leaves home at 6:30 every morning … Continue reading

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China’s ozymandian frontier: the great (empty) city of Ordos

In his 2001 book, River Town, Peter Hessler writes of his visit to Xinjiang, and the city of Hami, where he finds an entire new city recently built by a state-owned oil company: It was literally a city – schools, … Continue reading

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