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One third of China’s population will be over 65 by 2050

It has been a few months since China’s announcement that it was shifting its family planning policy to a limit of 2 children per couple.  Beijing University’s Guo Zhiguang claims that it will take China much longer to recover from … Continue reading

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The geographical distribution of Chinese surnames

Andrew Stokols has put together a series of Chinese surname maps.  As noted in this Atlantic post by Matt Schiavenza, about 87% of China’s population share 100 surnames, “and more than one in five Chinese citizens is surnamed Li, Wang, … Continue reading

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More on ending China’s one-child policy

A few months ago, I commented on the (un)likelihood of China ending its one-child policy, noting also that there’s really no such thing as a single population policy that applies evenly to all of China.  While I still think it’s … Continue reading

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Will China end its one-child policy? Does China even have a one-child policy?

There has been a good deal of chatter around the internet in recent weeks about how China’s Health and Family Planning Commission may be considering further relaxing the law to allow parents to have a second child if either parent … Continue reading

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