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Villagizing the city

I recently published an article about the town of Danjiang, in Guizhou Province, which, beginning in 2008, underwent a massive face-lift project to transform itself from an aspiring and urbanizing town into a village.  The article focuses on a theoretical … Continue reading

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Migration as ethnic integration

Last May, following a deadly suicide attack on an Urumqi street market that left 39 dead and 94 injured, Xi Jinping called for further integration of Uighurs into mainstream Chinese society.  Uighur separatism, China’s leaders have assumed, was responsible for … Continue reading

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Manufacturing political Islam, Part II

Like the US with its determined efforts to stumble into another war in the Middle East, China continues to do everything possible to further radicalize Muslims and manufacture the political Islam it claims to be thwarting.  The newest chapter in … Continue reading

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Dreaming of marriage and a ‘Fragrant Princess’ on the frontier

Xinjiang has been in the news a lot recently,  After a series of violent incidents earlier this year, attention has turned to the ways the Chinese government has been managing ethnic relations in the region, particularly between Uighur and Han.  … Continue reading

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Criminalizing facial hair, head scarves, T-shirts, and other absurdities

The irony of recent efforts by authorities in Xinjiang to ban visible symbols of Muslim piousness – under the pretense of combating terrorism, preserving social order, and “modernizing” the Uighurs – is that it will most likely result in the further … Continue reading

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China enters the veil fray

I have commented, in another context, on ‘L’Affair Foulard’ in France – the dust-up over the government’s attempt to symbolically enforce secularism by singling out Muslims and criminalizing the wearing of veils in public.  Now China has apparently  decided to … Continue reading

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