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Migration as ethnic integration

Last May, following a deadly suicide attack on an Urumqi street market that left 39 dead and 94 injured, Xi Jinping called for further integration of Uighurs into mainstream Chinese society.  Uighur separatism, China’s leaders have assumed, was responsible for … Continue reading

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Climate change and resettlement on the Tibetan Plateau

Leslie Hook has written an extensive article in FT Magazine on how climate change is affecting environmental conditions on the Tibetan Plateau, and how China’s attempts to address these changes are often driven by misunderstandings of the human-environment relationship there, … Continue reading

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空心化 Beijing: the hollowed-out city

Another season of mass migration is winding down in China, and the numbers are starting to come in. This year’s Spring Festival travel was up 2.7% from last year, totaling over 82 million travelers, according to the National Rail Service. … Continue reading

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Global Times: who needs an urban hukou anyway?

Following-up on our various discussions about the hukou systems and about rural-to-urban migration and questions about rural migrants seeking access to urban space (as opposed, say, to an urban hukou itself), the Global Times recently published an editorial claiming that … Continue reading

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The left-behind countryside – another report from Guizhou

The Guardian recently ran a report from Guizhou by Tani Branigan, focusing on rural poverty and the growing development gap between urban and rural China.  The report focuses on 9 year-old Zhao Ai, who leaves home at 6:30 every morning … Continue reading

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空心化- China’s hollowed-out countryside

The Ministry of Tofu has posted a series of photographs by Liu Jie of villagers with empty chairs representing family members who are working in cities far from home.  The term 空心化 kongxinhua, literally ‘heart becoming empty’, is used more … Continue reading

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Razed migrant schools in Beijing

Today’s New York Times features a front-page story on the 30 illegal private schools for migrant children that have been torn down this summer in Beijing.  Roughly 1/3 of Beijing’s 19.6 million residents are migrants – mostly from the countryside.  … Continue reading

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