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More giant vegetables

What is it with China and giant vegetables?  In an earlier post, I commented on the giant vegetables being ‘scientifically’ grown in the greenhouses of Huaxi Supervillage and how these echo the Great Leap Forward’s obsession for spurring nature with … Continue reading

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Joshua Muldavin on China’s rural land grabs: the shaky foundation to our collective future

Geographer Joshua Muldavin has published an op-ed piece on the broader implications of the recent Wukang incident in which he reminds us that China’s rise as a global economic power “is built upon an unresolved land struggle with hundreds of … Continue reading

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More about shark fin soup

As a follow-up to my food lecture last Thursday, The New York Times today published a story about the global campaign against shark fin soup. Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, parts of Canada, and now California have all banned the sale or … Continue reading

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