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The entrepreneurial state in China’s interior

Last week, the New York Times ran an article about how interior governments like Chongqing were wooing coastal industries by offering incentives such as lower wages, cheaper land, less strict environmental standards, and even providing moving expenses.  One of the … Continue reading

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Climate change and resettlement on the Tibetan Plateau

Leslie Hook has written an extensive article in FT Magazine on how climate change is affecting environmental conditions on the Tibetan Plateau, and how China’s attempts to address these changes are often driven by misunderstandings of the human-environment relationship there, … Continue reading

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Joshua Muldavin on China’s rural land grabs: the shaky foundation to our collective future

Geographer Joshua Muldavin has published an op-ed piece on the broader implications of the recent Wukang incident in which he reminds us that China’s rise as a global economic power “is built upon an unresolved land struggle with hundreds of … Continue reading

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Renewed violence in Lufeng

The long-running dispute in Lufeng between farmers and developers (and local officials) erupted this week in renewed violence after one of the villagers who had been selected by villagers to negotiate with the authorities died in police custody.  As reported … Continue reading

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Cooling the real estate market

Last week in lecture we looked at the ways urbanization had seemingly become the primary raison d’etre for the local state, since state revenues are increasingly derived from rents on urban property development.  One question I raised in this regard … Continue reading

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A new climate change leader? Climate talks open in Beijing this week

The 2011 China International Forum on Climate Change opened in Beijing on Sunday.  The Beijing forum is a precursor to the next round of UN climate talks, opening later this month in Durban, South Africa.  At the Beijing forum, as … Continue reading

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Suburban land grabs – “We thought these things happen to peasants in the countryside”

In a previous post on farmers in Lufeng protesting land grabs in Guangdong, I noted that land seizures are a particularly rural problem, in part because rural land tenure remains ambiguous and farmers often lack the knowledge, resources, and organization … Continue reading

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China’s reluctant consumers

In an earlier post, I commented on the increasing global purchasing power of Chinese consumers and their growing presence in global tourism.  Yet, while Chinese tourists do tend to spend more than Americans when traveling abroad, Americans on the whole … Continue reading

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China and India compared

The Economist recently posted this comparison of development measures in China and India on their Daily Chart site.   The graph shows the number of years that have elapsed since China passed the development milestones that India has now reached. India’s … Continue reading

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