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The Hong Kong protests and China’s unsettled territory

There has been no shortage of commentary and interpretation in the media about the recent and on-going protests in Hong Kong.  While there are many fascinating and important aspects of the situation being discussed – most prominently the questions of … Continue reading

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Manufacturing political Islam, Part II

Like the US with its determined efforts to stumble into another war in the Middle East, China continues to do everything possible to further radicalize Muslims and manufacture the political Islam it claims to be thwarting.  The newest chapter in … Continue reading

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Living fossils of the frontier: Zhelaizhai’s “Roman Culture”

Two of my favorite topics when teaching about China’s geography, as many of my students know, are the cultural mixing that has occurred historically throughout China’s frontiers, and the ways localities in China have contrived all sorts of fantastic cultural … Continue reading

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Dreaming of marriage and a ‘Fragrant Princess’ on the frontier

Xinjiang has been in the news a lot recently,  After a series of violent incidents earlier this year, attention has turned to the ways the Chinese government has been managing ethnic relations in the region, particularly between Uighur and Han.  … Continue reading

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The entrepreneurial state in China’s interior

Last week, the New York Times ran an article about how interior governments like Chongqing were wooing coastal industries by offering incentives such as lower wages, cheaper land, less strict environmental standards, and even providing moving expenses.  One of the … Continue reading

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