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Music and Asian stereotypes

This morning, NPR ran a story by Kat Chow that focused on the connections between music and ethnic stereotypes.  The story focuses on the 9-note riff that has for decades symbolized ‘China’ in the US.  It appeared in The Aristocats, and … Continue reading

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Criminalizing facial hair, head scarves, T-shirts, and other absurdities

The irony of recent efforts by authorities in Xinjiang to ban visible symbols of Muslim piousness – under the pretense of combating terrorism, preserving social order, and “modernizing” the Uighurs – is that it will most likely result in the further … Continue reading

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Only 9 cities (of 161) passed China’s new clean air standards

Last year, I posted the news that China had adopted new standards for air particulate matter in cities. While those standards remain well above the upper limits recommended by the World Health Organization, only 9 cities (of 161 monitored) were … Continue reading

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