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China enters the veil fray

I have commented, in another context, on ‘L’Affair Foulard’ in France – the dust-up over the government’s attempt to symbolically enforce secularism by singling out Muslims and criminalizing the wearing of veils in public.  Now China has apparently  decided to … Continue reading

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The geographical distribution of Chinese surnames

Andrew Stokols has put together a series of Chinese surname maps.  As noted in this Atlantic post by Matt Schiavenza, about 87% of China’s population share 100 surnames, “and more than one in five Chinese citizens is surnamed Li, Wang, … Continue reading

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More on ending China’s one-child policy

A few months ago, I commented on the (un)likelihood of China ending its one-child policy, noting also that there’s really no such thing as a single population policy that applies evenly to all of China.  While I still think it’s … Continue reading

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Mimesis Part V – in praise of forgeries

Recently, The New York Times published an extensive report on China’s rising ‘culture of bidding’ and, specifically, its burgeoning art market beset with problems of forgery, fraud, and soaring payment defaults.  The article has a lot of interesting things to … Continue reading

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