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Shanzhai shopping

Continuing with the shanzhai tourism theme, there’s been a good deal of chatter recently about a new shanzhai shopping street near Wanda Square in Shenyang.  The street, built as a ‘European style pedestrian street,’ features shanzhai designer-brand boutiques and cafés.  … Continue reading

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“The vanity of some local government officials has determined the skylines of cities.”

We used to believe that the presence of tall buildings in the center of a city was the result of a straight-forward cost calculation.  As the price of land went up, so too did the incentive to build higher.  We … Continue reading

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Shanzhai tourism

At the beginning of Caspar Stracke’s video of Tianducheng – Zhejiang’s mimetic Paris – we see the Eiffel Tower rising into a deep blue sky above clean white Parisian apartment buildings.  As the camera pans back, we realize that we’re … Continue reading

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China as Europe’s back-up disc: on mimesis Part II

In an older post on mimetic landscapes in China, I mentioned the Zhejiang town of Tianducheng, which features an Eiffel Tower replica (1/3 the size) surrounded by Parisian streets, fountains, and apartment buildings.  Earlier this year, Bianca Bosker published a … Continue reading

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Will China end its one-child policy? Does China even have a one-child policy?

There has been a good deal of chatter around the internet in recent weeks about how China’s Health and Family Planning Commission may be considering further relaxing the law to allow parents to have a second child if either parent … Continue reading

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Consumable villages – more on rural China’s boutique hotels

In an older post, I commented on the rise of entrepreneurs from China’s major urban areas buying old run-down properties in picturesque villages and turning them into boutique hotels for a new class of urban Chinese independent travelers.  Recently, the … Continue reading

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