More giant vegetables

What is it with China and giant vegetables?  In an earlier post, I commented on the giant vegetables being ‘scientifically’ grown in the greenhouses of Huaxi Supervillage and how these echo the Great Leap Forward’s obsession for spurring nature with socialism.  Today, China Daily reported on the practice of sending seeds into space in order to produce monster veggies.  Shanghaist posted some photos for our enjoyment.

While the China Daily article points out that the US and Russia have also been using space flights to enhance certain properties of seeds, China’s scientists seem to have pursued the approach with more enthusiasm.  Across China over two hundred research teams working at some 60 different breeding bases have been experimenting with space-induced mutation.  Already space-altered peppers are being grown (and consumed) in Gansu and other places, even while scientists admit that they don’t really know exactly how the radiation in space alters plant genes.

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