More about Guizhou – “Chinglish” by David Henry Hwang

Bill Waterston as Daniel Cavanaugh, an Ohio businessman lost in translation. Photo by Eric Exit

Well, I just couldn’t resist posting the fact that David Henry Hwang’s latest play takes place (of all places!) in Guiyang.  Hwang is probably best known for his Tony-winning play “M.Butterfly.”  “Chinglish” (directed by Leigh Silverman) is about an American businessman, Daniel Cavanaugh (played by James Waterston), who lands a signage contract for a cultural center in Guiyang.  It could really be anywhere; there’s nothing necessary about Guizhou as the setting for this play, but still, it’s nice to see a little exposure for Guiyang – and a cultural center at that!  The play opened in Chicago and is currently performing in New York.  As summed up in a Splash Magazine review: “Chinglish is a witty, fascinating take on another culture, a foreigner doing business in China, and last but most definitely not least, the extremely important  role that language plays in our lives.”

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