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“Give back my ancestors’ farmland!” Land seizures in rural China

Land seizures are common in rural China, where local governments, often in collusion with real estate development companies, force farmers off their land to make way for housing developments, industrial parks, highways, golf courses, theme parks, or just about anything … Continue reading

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CAS event – “Sporting Friendship in Sino-American Relations”

On Thursday 9/22 the Center for Asian Studies will host a lecture by Jim Small of Major League Baseball, Asia, titled “Hitting a Home Run across the Pacific: Major League Baseball in East Asia.”  Jim’s lecture will be followed by … Continue reading

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China’s purchasing power aids an ailing Europe

One of the topics we’ll be addressing later in the semester, in the context of reading an essay that Travis Klingberg and I wrote about Chinese tourism for the forthcoming volume China In and Beyond the Headlines, is the increasing … Continue reading

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空心化- China’s hollowed-out countryside

The Ministry of Tofu has posted a series of photographs by Liu Jie of villagers with empty chairs representing family members who are working in cities far from home.  The term 空心化 kongxinhua, literally ‘heart becoming empty’, is used more … Continue reading

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More about shark fin soup

As a follow-up to my food lecture last Thursday, The New York Times today published a story about the global campaign against shark fin soup. Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, parts of Canada, and now California have all banned the sale or … Continue reading

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China’s ozymandian frontier: the great (empty) city of Ordos

In his 2001 book, River Town, Peter Hessler writes of his visit to Xinjiang, and the city of Hami, where he finds an entire new city recently built by a state-owned oil company: It was literally a city – schools, … Continue reading

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Family Posessions – a visual geography of China

Here’s a collection of photographs from the Family Possessions project, displayed on China Smack.  There have been, over the years, numerous projects like this around the world, in which photographers get people to haul all their stuff out and display … Continue reading

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Water politics and China

Extending from today’s lecture on water in China and, in particular, the historical role that large-scale water projects have played in ‘building the state’ in China, water-related issues continue to lie at the heart of social and political developments in … Continue reading

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Drought in Guizhou

Drought is a common problem in north-central China, but is rare in the south and southwest part of the country.  China’s monsoon climate pattern more typically brings flooding to places like Guizhou.  But this summer southwest China has been suffering … Continue reading

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