Asia-related scholarship, internship, and mentorship opportunities for undergraduates

Center for Asian Studies Undergraduate Scholarships for the Study of Asia
Academic Year 2011-12
Scholarships available through the Center for Asian Studies are for variable amounts up to a maximum of $3,000 per year ($1,500 per semester). Students must take a minimum of three courses (9 semester hours) focused primarily on Asia, in any discipline, during the academic year in which they receive support.  Continuation of the scholarship from one semester to the next is contingent upon the recipient earning a semester grade average minimum of B (3.0) in the student’s Asia-related classes, and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. Scholarships will be credited directly to the recipients’ tuition bills at the University of Colorado. Scholarships may also be used for participation in a CU-sponsored study abroad program in Asia, as long as the applicant has not received other major scholarship support.
To view a full description and download the application for this scholarship, please see our webpage at:
Center for Asian Studies Internship at Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Editorial Aquisitions Intern
The Center for Asian Studies is offering a paid internship at Rowman & Littlefield Publishers to an undergraduate student with an interest in Asian Studies. Rowman & Littlefield is a leading independent academic press located in Boulder that is committed to publishing enduring works of 
scholarship, serious trade books, and upper-division classroom texts 
across the social sciences.

The intern will assist the History, International Studies, and Geography acquisitions group with a variety of entry-level tasks, including copying, filing, mailing, word processing, contacting scholars for endorsements and reviews, online research, and data entry. The intern will also have an opportunity to learn about the big picture of academic publishing by attending editorial board meetings, editorial planning meetings, and the like.

Every effort will be made to involve the intern in Asia-related projects, but the wide range of lists handled by the group inevitably will dictate that other subject areas will be part of the work flow as well.

To view a full description and application instructions for this internship, please see our webpage at:

Center for Asian Studies Mentorship Program
 With the support of the Center for Asian Studies Advisory Council, CAS is expanding its mentorship program for undergraduate students majoring in Asian Studies, Chinese, and Japanese, and graduate students focusing on Asian area studies.  Mentors will help provide insight and direction into careers and opportunities available across various regions and specialties for students with knowledge of Asia.

The program will provide one-on-one mentoring between professionals and CU students who share regional, disciplinary, or vocational interests.  Mentors will be drawn from a pool of Colorado-based international experts who focus on the countries and regions of Asia in fields such as banking and finance, micro-lending, policy and government relations, law, cleantech/renewable energy, education, entrepreneurship and strategy/business development.

To view a full description and application instructions for this mentorship, please see our webpage at:
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